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Something I’ll always regret.

It was a cold morning, I was awoken by a sudden urge to throw up. I ran to the bathroom, confused. I was on the pill, I thought there’s just no way. I was otherwise well no sickness, just morning sickness. I was 17, doing well in school with intentions of going to college and in a long… Read More »

Just experienced true sexism

I just got told that I don’t have the right to feel depressed because I’m a man, and then got told to apologise for feeling this way because it is “annoying”. I have suffered from PTSD since I was a young child, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was 13 and ASPD at 18. It honestly infuriated… Read More »

My Mother

Every night before she goes to bed, she always comes in and says goodnight, but she always tries to scare me. What she doesn’t know is that 90% of the time I know she’s there so I pretend to be scared because it makes her laugh and I love hearing her laugh. submitted by /u/Jessaya [link] [comments]

I’m in a loving relationship but I’m hot for the VP of my department…it’s bad.

I work in a corporate office and about a month after I started, my department got a new Vice President. He’s about 40, married with young kids, very well traveled, Ivy League educated, and a great management match for the department as he keeps a tight ship. At first, I was just happy to have a savvy leader… Read More »